Not what I thought…

As I mentioned in my About page, I watch a lot of “romance” tv shows and movies. Currently on is a movie about a girl who gets a job from a company run by a man she might love, but is hired under false pretenses. On the other hand, another show I watch is Catfish. It’s never good a idea! No matter how much you think it might covertly lead to something good. And at this point, I’ve stopped watching the movie and am sitting in front of my computer.

I am sure that I’m not the first person to realize that Facebook, in all it’s convenience and connectivity, is really just a place to stalk people in a “friendly” way. I mean, really! The opportunity to, Like a post, to let them know you watch what is happening in their life, Poke them to let them know, you have scrolled through their history, Block those you’ve separated from, to enforce the fact that it’s over! It’s gotten “stalker” written all over of it. And yet, we have accepted it and even “welcomed” it into our lives.

Now, I’m not going to go into the whole “if you are defining your life based on Facebook” you are just sad. But I do have something to say about, defining you’re relationship by social media. I mean, you can’t tell me, at some point you haven’t said, “I changed my status to ‘In a relationship’, that makes it official.” Wrong! This doesn’t mean that a relationship doesn’t need publication or presentation, because anyone keeping you “private” or a secret, certainly means it isn’t love.

I’ve spent years going online to find love, multiple dating sites, numerous dates. Most of them, I have stories I could tell you about, but it’s not worth going into right now. Yet, I will say that I met my boyfriend the old fashion way, by that I mean, in person. Besides that, our meeting was nothing even remotely normal. We simply happened to be in the same place at the same time. By that I mean, we were at the same point in life. I hope that everyone has given thought to that, where they are in life.

It’s not just about feeling like you’re “right” at the moment. And I truly feel strongly about this, it’s more about where you are in life. And although, I may have to take another time to talk about this, I don’t want you to forget it. I met my man, at a time that I was in a struggle with my parents. I was nothing but my honest self and I let it show (not my prettiest side). It was was one of those, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” moments. But it took a lot of guts and courage to be and show him, myself.

I can only ask you to be your true self. Even if we have to play roles in different parts of our lives, there is no reason to hide from who we are. And know, that not everyone can or will accept us, but I do believe, true love will shine through. Our most imperfect self will be enough for someone. Despite the fact that, this may take a long time. Please know (I am not a spring chicken myself) and believe, it will find us. Not due to the fact, we want it to or are looking for it, but because we are being who we really are. Our most honest self.

Not like I have figured it all out, obviously, if you have read more about my blog. But I have learned that being yourself is very important. And to be clear, I did not say “be your perfect self”. The person who is going to love you, will love all of you. The good, the bad, the strange, the common… they will love you despite anything and everything! I do believe in “there is someone for everyone”. But I also understand, just how hard it is to find that one. And all the questions behind, are they the one!


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