This is Christmas…

It’s Christmas time and the stress is upon each of us. Especially during this time crunch, to buy presents, make food, and send cards. We each have our own way of getting through the holiday time. But I want you to know, you do it because of love. It is what pulls us together at this time of the year.

I’m not going to say it’s easy, but we put ourselves through it each year. There’s always that family tradition, and for each of us, it’s different. Sometimes it’s having to put up with our immediate family, to which most are familiar with. They are usually the ones that cause me the most stress, because it’s my family and I worry about pleasing them. Despite how many times I have tried to forget our past and the hurt they have caused me during the holidays. I have so many reasons why I would rather just skip it. It’s just not easy!

We put ourselves in the most uncomfortable situations, to please the ones we love. There are too many things that we subject to ourselves, what to wear, sitting through the meal, waiting to open present, which we hope they will find enjoy with. Truth is, we spend more time worrying about everyone else having a good holiday season, and we neglect our own happiness and contentment. It’s funny how traditions cause us to let down our guards which protect our personal feelings.

I am not suggesting that I don’t like the holidays, I just don’t like how they make me feel. When the thought of Christmas comes to me, there is an excitement, in the idea that I get to go shopping. I can’t say there are not certain people that get me stumped about what to buy them, yet I’m thankful that our family is very attune with Amazon Wish Lists! And my boyfriend is surprising easy, even though he struggles with me because he thinks I’m “the woman who has everything.” Which I clearly don’t.

For me, there is also the Christmas church ceremony. I’m not saying I hate that either, because it’s custom for my family. Although, I won’t say that I follow the Catholic religion, I do understand what this holy day is about and agree that respect should be paid. (Thanks mom for putting me in Catholic schools all my life.) Again, this is what my mother wants to do, as is dinner, and everything always runs on her schedule.

The time line has always been her’s and something I learned in my teen years. It was a random Sunday morning, that I got ready as fast as I could, so that I could exclaim that “it’s time to go!” Of course my mother said no. It was only time to go whenever my mother is ready. Despite what actual time it is, that was them working on my “young” mind. Sometimes, parent’s don’t understand us, the simply hold on to what they know.

As hard as it might be for our parents to let go during the holidays, its not something that we should do. Our emotions are more important to ourselves, that shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of the holidays. Enjoying the holidays means that we should celebrate with those that love us. Don’t put yourself in a situation that you have to fight and compromise how you feel.


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