It didn’t think it would ever happen for me…

I know my focus here is on love and relationships, but the one thing I’ve been longing for has actually come true, and I have to share it. There has been no point in my life I actually expected it, and this was no exception. I had already started resigning myself to living out my life as a single person, but not without a lot of friends and traveling. There truly hadn’t been anyone that I have wanted to spend my life with, and I was enjoying the fun of being single. Yet, that has all changed!

We had planned a trip to Las Vegas… for most part, to meet my boyfriend’s cousins. Which we did do, but we weren’t able to spend more than a night with them. And to my surprise, my parents’ neighbor (who’s like a second mom to me), happened to be in Vegas the same weekend, for a girl’s trip. She was with a girl friend of hers, who insisted, unrelentingly that “something” was going to happen “here” or “this weekend”. After countless attempts to dissuade her, still she did not relent. She must’ve had a sixth sense, because she was certain!

The plan was to visit with his cousin, with the hopes to stay with one them, in order to save us some money. But that was not a possibility, so we stayed at a hotel (off the strip) for our first two nights. It was a wonderful and winning time for us. It almost made me feel like we shouldn’t move on from where we are… in more ways than one.

Once it was time to transfer to the strip, things felt different, I changed, he changed, there wasn’t the relaxed atmosphere that is normally between us. Instead, there was this frustration and tension, at least on my part. He seemed to be controlling everything and dismissing anything that I said. Not something I’m happy with, but I will come to understand, when he has a plan to surprise me. Not the kind of thing that I actually enjoy, although I won’t blame him for this one. 😉

On Saturday night, he planned on going to “The V”, a variety show. Which despite the worst traffic I’ve ever been in, we did make it to. (Don’t believe what they say on the tickets.) The show started out a little slow, but was completely amazing in the end. And my complete ignorance about the future plans led me to do the things that I normally do, instead of focusing on my boyfriend.

To be completely honest, he hadn’t been focused on me the whole time in the taxi. And we were already started planning other things we could do, if we couldn’t get into the show. This is one of those times that we wanted to make the best of a situation, not looking at the night with loss or frustration. Yet, better things were to come, but I had no idea.

Long before we arrived in Vegas, he had planted the seed, that we would watch to fountains at the Bellagio at midnight, on the eve of birthday. But here is was, Saturday night, we had just seen a show and ate dinner at the best French restaurant on the strip in the Venetian. Our dinner was exquisite and we then made our way back to the fountains.

As we walked down the strip, I continued to take pictures, something I always try to do when we have our times together. The fountains started, just as we arrived, which I both watched and captured on my camera. This was a special moment, I thought he would be holding onto me and enjoying it with me. Yet, he had bigger plans evolving at that moment. It was a completely life changing for me…

As the fountains ended, I was ready to go, especially after his lack of affection towards hme. Yet to my shock and surprise, he got down on one knee! He opened the box, offering me the ring, and just winged what he said. I can honestly say that I remember a lot of it, but I did hear him say, “I want to be with me forever.” It was the most utterly mind blowing, heart swelling, and tears of joy, moment of my life! I now feel like, I jumped in the deep end with both feet. From the beginning of our relationship, we have done nothing but take chances on each other. Turns out, taking that first chance was so completely worth it.

I said yes! There were tears filling my eyes, the entirety of my body shaking, and then frustration… as I struggled to get the ring that I currently wore on that figure, off. At this point, my happiest tears continued, and I knelt down with him. The kisses, “I love you’s”, and having him next to me, don’t seem real or enough. In that moment, I wanted to give him everything, because he has given me all that I ever dreamed of.

I only hope that each of you can find the someone, who is willing to make this kind of spectacular moment happen for you. That you can start the journey of love with a person that warms your heart, sees the best of you, and wants to build a future with you. My man is all of those things, and more. And as much as our adventures started when we met, there are so many more to come in our future!









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