They are not making this easy.

We, or should say, I have been desperately looking for a wedding venue. And that’s not a knock on my fiancé, he really is helping with whatever I, specifically and directly, ask him to do. That’s beside the point at the moment, we have been dealing with something much more than his participation. On my last trip, to our wedding destination, I saw a venue that would be perfect for our wedding.

Once home, I emailed the venue. To which I got a response from one of their preferred caterers. The confusion started at this point, and once I was directed to a contact at the venue, everything started to go downhill. I don’t think that anything I’ve done should have them saying, “I just do not feel we will be a good fit for you, moving forward.” I have only been requesting for some understanding and guidance.

After several emails back and forth with their Director of Client Services, I reached out to one of the co-owners, which got forwarded directly back to same person that I had been dealing with. It was absolutely no consolation to me! And if I can add my two cents, it was not very professional or an appropriate way to respond. Although, none of this really matters because, I’m in a pickle. (Or for some more understanding, “In between a rock and a hard place.”) This is the venue I want and they are just not wanting hear what they are saying.

This started with me reaching out to them, after having only driven by the venue. I knew at that point, it was what I had been looking for. The first response I got was great, we should set up a viewing, yet neither I or my fiancé live there. So that was not going to be an option for us. After several emails that were more repetitive than informative, we are left to concede. Meaning if we want this venue, we are going to have to find ways to cut costs. And after our conversation with them, I hope that they understand, we are reluctant to sign a contract with them, because they have not been helpful in this process of planning our wedding.

That is the stigma attached to a wedding! If we weren’t planning a wedding, this would be so much easier. It’s like they have us by “the balls”! There is nothing they are willing to give us to make our day “happy”. That is the biggest gripe that I have, they have not been forthcoming with help or advice. It’s my business sense that is making me challenge this “wedding standard” they are holding onto. Why would they not want to make this happen, because they new on the wedding scene, and don’t have the exposure that establish venues already do?


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