This is the end.

The decision to move to FL has become real. It was just a plan at one point and then a there was a dream of staying where I am, but now the plan is becoming reality again. This has been a conversation with my roommate multiple times, never easy. Yet, I know what I have to do now. And whatever his plan is, is not my problem

Yes, I had told my roommate, my possibility of moving, when we signed only a six month lease. To that my roommate had responded, “That’s it, I’m moving out!”, not going to sign another six month lease. At that point, I was unsure about my future. My future was completely unsteady and I tried to keep him in the know about what my future plans are. Yet, I could never tell him with any certainty, until now. Most of our discussions had been around the thought that I could stay a little longer.

But, that is not going to be possible now. Things in my life have been changing at a rapid pace this year. Starting with getting engaged in January. Once, I had explained that to everyone, it was always accompanied with the thought that I would move. It was part of the original plan with my, now, fiancé, that he would have to “put a ring on it.” And when it happened, I was ecstatic! There was no point at that time, that I could even think about the actual future.

It’s all in front of me now, and not just the wedding, but the move has to come to the front right now. It’s a lot to think about, and I’m working hard to not stress about any of this. Yet, I cannot find a place to alter my wedding dress, because they don’t like to do it until 2-3 months before the actual wedding date. I’ve tried to explain to them that I’m not a person who changes weight quickly, and I will be fine having the alterations to my dress done now, despite the wedding being under a year away.

There is only one reason for this move, and that is that I’m in love. Every one of my talks with my fiancé, have been about what need to happen when I move. He is super excited about the thought of me being there. I can say that I am feeling the same way. Yet, there are so many new things that I will have to learn, and that is where my hesitation sets in. I’m not sure I’m going to love moving to Florida. It’s that that I worry about, not moving with my fiancé, who I do love.

I know that I’m not crazy, we have made our plan, and are carrying it out. It’s not something I actually expected. At some point, it feels just crazy! I’m going to move 1,485 miles to be with the one I love. I just need to keep that focus. Everything else just needs to be forgotten. I’m not a person that deals with stress well, I need to figure out what’s the priorities now. I’m usually good at prioritize what is going on with my life.


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